Pursuit of excellence is the motivation behind our quality output.


Even coal turns to diamond with proper storage. We take this principle to heart in
our warehouses.

Special care has been taken at all our warehouses to ensure that effective control mechanisms are in place to prevent contamination by insects and other organisms as per the demanding guidelines of FSSAI (Food Saftey Standards of India).

The warehouses are well lit with ample aeration and ventilation to ensure that the temperature is controlled with low humidity.

Quality was ingrained in the warehouses from their planning and construction stage itself. All the warehouses have been made at higher plinths, are smoothly cemented and covered with damp proof flooring. The roofing is made to guarantee against leakage or seepage of any kind. Inside the warehouse, guidelines and methods are developed for scientific stacking and storing so that there is minimal possibility of damage even if the goods have to be stored for a long time. Areas have been demarcated for cargo, leaving sufficient space for movement of men and material and for fumigation procedures.

All the warehouses have a periodical fumigation and disinfection programme which is rigorously implemented.

After all, diamonds are forever!