We deliver 'best-in-the-market' service to our customers.

Quality Policy

For us, quality is not an end but a journey. It is imbibed in every product or service. A better quality of product and service will never imply a higher price as quality is a way of living for us.

Who else can define our quality standards if not our clients?

With our vast experience in this business, a network of experienced and selected suppliers have been developed to ensure that all of them follow the same principles and philosophy to quality as we do.

We assure the fastest response time and maximum cost savings by utilising our ability to ship from all the three major ports of Western India, Viz, Mundra Port / Kandla Port, Nhava Sheva Port and Cochin Port.

Every consignment, however small, comes with a detailed examination and quality assurance from independent and reputed laboratories of India.

We conduct regular crop surveys on crop growth patterns, yields, market movements so that we can provide all our clients with the latest information and tips.

A continuous Price Trend Analysis is done for the major products to understand and try to forecast the future prices to provide the competitive edge to our clients in their markets.

As a part of every client's organisation, we recognise that costs have to reduce to reap the benefits of a long term business relation. A periodical analysis of critical costs is made to eliminate all non-value adding costs and improve the productivity of the business relation as a whole. Periodical reviews and discussions are held with each client to critically analyse the efficiency of the business relation.

With the exchange rates forming a critical part of every international business, no business relation can survive without proper Exchange Risk Management. We conduct regular fundamental and technical analysis of exchange rates so that our clients are aware of the prospective risks in the currency markets.

With our spread throughout the Western Coast of India, the logistics and costs of transportation and shipment for every consignment are worked out to the exact detail. This ensures the least response time and maximised cost savings for all
our clients.

All our warehouses are constructed to the exacting specifications of FSSAI (Food Saftey Standards of India).