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Cardamom Green

If pepper is the 'King of Spices', cardamom is the 'Queen'. One of the most exotic and highly prized spices, Indian cardamom has a history as old as human civilisation. The dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial, cardamom is grown mainly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, on the shady slopes of the western Ghats. Warm humid climate, loamy soil rich in organic matter, distributed rainfall and special cultivation and processing methods all combine to make Indian cardamom truly unique in aroma, flavour, size and colour tempting parrot-green.

Indian cardamom is offered to the international markets in different grades: 'Alleppey Green Extra Bold' (AGEB), 'Alleppey Green Bold' (AGB) and 'Alleppey Green Superior' (AGS) are names that register instant appeal world-wide. Cardamom oil is a precious ingredient in food preparations, perfumery, health foods medicines and beverages. India is a traditional exporter of cardamom to the Middle East countries where it goes mostly into the preparation of 'Gahwa'-a strong cardamom-coffee concoction without which no day is complete or no hospitality hearty for an Arab. Indian cardamom enjoys a premium preference in the Middle East, Japanese and Russians markets for its distinct aroma and taste.

Harvesting Season :
August to March